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2005 Edition

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      Due to the large number of submissions received for September Cultural Program in Romania and because of the quality of the submitted work and distinguished authors and, in some cases, because of the relevance of various poetry and fiction work related with Romania’s art and culture we decided to accept the participation in the program of 18 people from six countries.

Unfortunately we can’t offer more that two scholarships. There were many more writers which deserved to be rewarded in the same way. But maybe the greatest reward for all will be the meeting amongst all participants and Romania itself and its various kinds of values.


The first scholarship is granted to writer Goldie Alexander from Australia for its work and strong will to participate.


The second scholarship is granted to Laureate Poet of New Hampshire, 2004-2009, Cynthia Huntington, United States.


We also invite the following distinguished writers to join our September Romanian tour in exchange of participation fee.

We appreciate their work, read it, saw their websites and bios and finally selected them from a longer list. Anyone else may resubmit their application for our future programs.


 T. Ashok Chakravarthy (India)

 Cliff Forshaw (UK)

 Christine Frost (US)

 Jen Kavetchink (US)

 Cathleen Kirkwood (Canada)

 Carly-Jay Metcalfe (Australia)

 Heather Haley (Canada)

 Maria-Fe Parco Ortner (Austria)

 Pauline Plummer (UK)

 Lee Tulloch (Australia)

Eric Wilson (US)

Tatiana Pitchouguina (Russia)

Ceridwen S. Lewin (US)

Cynthia Henzel (US)

Michelle A. Ridgely (US)

Joe Keleher (US)


Program Itinerary & Cultural Events


The first day: each participant will be picked up at the Bucharest airport then will get his/her hotel accommodation. The first night will be spent in Bucharest. In the evening: reunion of all the participants and an introductory short speech from everybody (guests and hosts), a welcoming and a presentation of the program, then dinner. A walk through the old part of Bucharest.


The second day: meet with Romanian writers and artists in Romanian Museum of Literature studio. Welcoming speech and a series of reading of Romanian contemporary writings.

In the afternoon, travel to the accommodation in Sinaia at the residency of writers. In the evening: readings from the work of participants.


Third day: tour of Sinaia, visit of Peles and Pelisor castles etc.

In the afternoon: conference about present and past Romania versus Eastern Europe (history, geography, politics, civil society, human rights etc.)


Fourth day: Bran and Risnov fortresses and Brasov city tour.

In the afternoon: a history of Romania under the communist period and its effect on Romanian artists. The invited lecturer is a Romanian history professor who will present interesting video and audio data on the subject.


Fifth day: Hiking on Carpathians: Busteni, Babele, Omu peak.

In the evening: readings from the work of participants, meeting with Romanian writers.


Sixth day: Bucharest, tour of Village Museum, Peasants Museum etc.

Cultural Center: press conference about the program about invited writers, about the results and the benefits of the program for Romania and for the participants at the program followed by a reception.


Seventh day: return in Bucharest, optional tour, ending of the program or unexpected events and nice surprises.

The program begins on September 2 and ends on September 8, 2005.