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 A group of Romanian writers initiated the Writers Cultural Exchange Program in 2002. The program is meant to promote Romania's past and present culture, to bring together writers from around the world, to develop a more sophisticated perspective about cultures, people and borders.


Over the part three years, fifteen writers from USA, Great Britain, Australia and Spain were the guests of this program. They visited famous places in Romania, like Dracula's castle or People's House but also historical buildings, museums and art galleries.

They shared their own artistic experiences, read their work, met and talked with Romanian writers and artists and put  their thoughts to paper.


They wrote poems, fiction and scripts related to their journey. They published articles and photos about Romania in literary magazines and newsletters. Their writings were translated and published in Romanian magazines. Articles about the program and about the participants have been printed in Romanian and newspapers worldwide.


Their experience was amazing, as writer Katherine Bynum from Tennessee, USA declared:


"  Romania hosts a Writers Cultural Exchange Program. While most of us dream of exotic places and unusual characters, we rarely get beyond the typewriter and actually live their adventures. This is a chance to immerse yourself in the traditions of an Eastern European Country while sharing ideas with local writers and other participants from around the world. You have to apply on the basis of your work, but the pay off is enormous. (...)

Bound now to this amazing country lying in the shadow of Dracula’s castle, we walk with an awareness of our friends there, as well as renewed direction in our personal writing. (Consequently I am now working on a children’s book, finishing my nonfiction project, and looking for an agent instead of waiting for everything to be perfect.)".


The purposes of this program has been fulfilled every edition.